SJ Cheesman has a continued involvement with the rail industry. We are able to fabricate locomotive components including bearers, sideframes, draft pockets and bolster pins


Ore Wagons

SJ Cheesman carried out repair work for QRRS, China’s principal rolling stock supplier on ore wagons to be used by Arrium in South Australia.

This work included minor structural repair, brake line sealing, handbrake gearbox overhauls and bolt and pin replacement.

This work was successfully carried out in and under tight deadlines, while liaising​ with the overseas client

SCT High Wagons

Over 2014-2015 SJ Cheesman repaired a number of PBGH and PBHY goods wagons following derailment damage.

Coal Wagon Repair

SJ Cheesman has wide experience in wagon repair. Recently, we have repaired a number of Coal Hopper Wagons which had experienced derailment damage.