Water Jackets

​SJ Cheesman manufactures water jackets of myriad designs for furnace application. These are made to the highest quality and built to withstand aggressive application of heat and abrasion. Built as pressure vessels, these are constructed and tested to meet AS3920.water jackets



SJ Cheesman has been manufacturing electrolysis cathodes for over 30 years including aluminium cathodes for zinc electrowinning and titanium cathodes for copper electrowinning. SJ Cheesman has been at the forefront of cathodes research and development in Australia and have developed a number of manufacturing techniques for the production, refurbishment and repair of cathodes.



Pipe Spools

SJ Cheesman can manufacture pipe spools to shop drawings in a range of materials including mild steel : 316SS, SAF 2205, 253MA or HDPE.

Lead Pipes

SJ Cheesman manufactures continuous length heavy wall pipe spools for the transport of molten lead.

On Site Pipe Runs

SJ Cheesman can site measure, design, fabricate and install on-site in a range of materials. We can work on new or existing plants and work in to meet plant operational, safety and timeline constraints.

Manufactured Spares

We can fabricate a variety of bespoke manufactured spares in individual and mass quantities

Heat Exchanger (Recuperator) Fins

SJ Cheesman manufactures fins for air blast counter flow heat exchangers (recuperators). These cool fume-laden air while pre-heating furnace in feed air.

To withstand the extreme operating temperatures, 253MA stainless steel is used. This material poses some unique challenges in fabrication, with regard to cutting, pressing and welding.

SJ Cheesman has developed an extensive library of know-how in working with this material.