Crack Repair

Through our extensive experience and skilled tradesmen, SJ Cheesman excel in the area of crack repair. Repaired cracks are then tested using the dye check method.

Steel Fabrication

  • Band saw cutting up to 400mm sections to any angle ​
  • Profile cutting of carbon steel
  • Guillotining of up to 3m
  • Pressing to 300T
  • CNC Brake Pressing of plate up to 80mm
  • Rolling completely to 360 degrees of up to 25mm plate
  • Assembly


SJ Cheesman employs a full range of qualified welders and welding procedures including:

  • MMAW/SMAW/Arc Welding
  • GMAW/MIG Welding including Flux Core and Bare Wire
  • GTAW/TIG Welding

We can perform these processes to either one of our pre-qualified welding procedures, a client provided weld procedure, or develop a qualified procedure for a particular application. Working alongside our NATA approved partners, we can develop procedures and subsequently qualify our welders to their required Australian, ASME, or international standard required.

While we specalise in heavy plate, we regularly work in the following materials

  • Mild Steel
  • Boilerplate
  • Stainless Steels (authentic, ferritic and duplex)
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Bisalloy
  • Copper



We operate a fully-equipped machine shop.

We focus on providing customer care through fast turnaround time and exceeding customer requirements

    • ​​​​Turning – we operate a number of manual and automatic lathes and can machine up to a length of 6m and diameter of up to 600mm
    • Milling – perform milling operations on a number of machines up to 2000mm x 1000mm. These include surfacing, beveling, boreing, drilling, chamfering and grooving.
    • CNC – our CNC equipped machines allow us to manufacture to a variety of complex shapes, and reproduce exactly production runs.

As we as these, we can perform a variety of​ standard and custom machining operations including drilling, grinding, threading, broaching, grooving and polishing.


In our fully equipped fitting shop we can disassemble, overhaul and reassemble a variety of mechanical components. Some of these include: gearboxes, shaker units, bogies, cylinders, locomotive components, and motors.

We stock common bearings and seals for fast turnaround of components.

Our in-house machine shop ensures that we can manufacture new pins, shafts, clevis’, keeper plates, etc. for custom, or fast-turnaround jobs.

We can work to precision tolerances to meet mechanical fits and clearances.

Blast and Paint

SJ Cheesman maintains an in-house blasting and painting capactity.

Grit blasting is available to class 2.5, our booth can accommodate items up to 4m x 4m x 8m, and larger items can be blasted by arrangement.

Painting is available to any customer specifications, such as Nyrstar or BHP’s painting specifications.​

Plate Work

SJ Cheesman’s speciality is in plate manufacture, especially heavy plate work.

Plate Work.JPG