S J Cheesman

Port Pirie

Major Projects


Lance Press

Nyrstar a major client of SJ Cheesman has recently overhauled their Port Pirie Smelter. As part of this process a Top Submerged Lance (TSL) Smelter will be a new addition to the plant. A major part of this smelter is the Top Submerged Lances, in the violent reaction condition these lances become bent and deformed. Nystar needed a machine to straighten these lances and contacted SJ Cheesman for a solution.

SJ Cheesman worked with Nyrstar to design, draw, prototype,test and produce a lance press. SJ Cheesman delivered the lance press to Nyrstar and it has been in successful operation ever since.

Lance Press

Large Screw Washer

SJ Cheesman worked with Nyrstar to develop a novel screw washer to form the heart of a washing plant. The complete process of conception, design, engineering, prototyping, fabrication, testing installation and commissioning was carried out by SJ Cheesman.

SAM_1080_JPGNyrstar Port Pirie uses and Electric Arc Furnace which produces a zinc dust residue that is able to be reprocessed by Nyrstar. SJ Cheesmans offered serveral designs to the customer, a large diametre scew convered with a tapered end section to lift the washed material out of the launder was the chosen design. This meant that the conveyor
could be shorter, and resolved other issues relating to material containment and bearing selection.

A scale model was built as a proof of concept of the tapered section and this was approved.

EAF thingy.JPG

During an 18 month time period the design, component selection, fabrication and installation of this plant took place and since it commissioning in 2015 it has been running successfully and has exceed Nyrstar’s expectations, increased efficiency and gains and reduced running costs.

Vacuum Filter Drum

Drum.JPGSJ Cheesman was asked to design a replacement vacuum filter drum. This was to replace a unit which was built in 1954. To withstand the aggressive environment the vacuum filter drum was manufactured from SAF225 duplex stainless steel to withstand the aggressive environment it was immersed into all pipework was fully sealed.

SJ Cheesmans design the drum to fit within the existing tank and pipework and worked on the clients site to record all necessary measurements resulting in a successful installation.



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