Community Service

HMAS Tobruk

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The HMAS Tobruk was a heavy landing ship that serviced the Australian Navy from 1981 to 2015. During the time it was commissioned the HMAS Tobruk was an essential part of training exercises, search and rescues, crisis support and defence operations.

SJ Cheesman was involved in creating a memorial with the RSL commemorating the Tobruk. A jackstay was errected in Port Pirie’s local park to commemerate the ship and the efforts of Australia’s Navy.

St Marks College/Cheesman Gap year program

The Cheesman company under the leadership of Stephen Richter (Old Scholar 1958-1967) and designed by Joseph Taylor (Old Scholar 2002- 2009) has created a sculpture. Cheesmans is a steel fabrication plant that has been operating in Port Pirie for over 100 years. It has been owned by the Richter family for 25 years. In that time, Stephen has employed a number of St. Mark’s past students as apprentices and tradesmen. He has also employed over sixty young people in the “Cheesman’s gap year program”. Joe Taylor is in this category. He completed Year 12 in 2012 and was accepted into Engineering at the Adelaide University. This offer was deferred and Joe has spent the year at Cheesman’s working alongside their engineer, Alexander Jenner-O’Shea. This experience has enabled Joe to have some idea of where he will be heading when he begins his Engineering studies. Stephen and Joe worked together on creating a sculpture that will be a show piece on the Bosco campus at St Mark’s College. They are to be commended for their work.

 st marks                                                                                                                                                                 

Port Pirie RSL

In 2013, the Port Pirie RSL was awarded one of six decommissioned Iroquois helicopters. SJ Cheesman made a donation of engineering services, and structural steel to build a new museum​ to house this.


The City of Adelaide

SJ Cheesmans has supported the effort to return the City of Adelaide clipper ship to Adelaide. It is the worlds oldest clipper ship and was used to carry passengers from London and Plymouth to Adelaide. To preserve the ship SJ Cheesmans fabricated a cradle for the ship to be carried in. It will be docked in Port Adelaide permanently after being returned home.

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